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What is Passion to Purpose, LLC?

While visiting middle schools, high schools, and colleges across the U.S. and internationally, P2P’s founder (Omari Pearson) observed that too many students lack access to mentors who can serve as role models to help them nurture their personal and professional goals.  Millions of young people are entering adulthood unprepared for college and careers, missing out on opportunities that could propel them into their dreams. Without mentors, many students fail to develop the “soft skills” needed to effectively transition from middle school to high school, high school to college, and from college to the workforce.  Personal responsibility, accountability, and discipline are some of the “soft” or life skills that are extremely important for students to achieve their goals.

P2P was founded with these students in mind.  P2P is a career-driven life skills and mentoring company that equips students with the necessary life skills to prepare them to succeed in high school, college, and their careers.  P2P helps students in their preparations through its proprietary curriculum and mentoring program. These programs teach students how to apply values, clarity, and purpose to their education and activities in a blended learning model, giving them the necessary tools to thrive in their high school, college, career, and life’s pursuits.