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Authentic Leadership

Authentic leadership happens when others are willing to share their journey. Time for me to share my story to help these students. Who have you shared your journey with so they will not make the same mistakes you did? Let’s go… #passiontopurpose #dreamingwithashovel #blessedtobeablessing #askinnykidfrommaywoodilwithadream #omaripearson #passtopurpose

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2017-18 Connecticut High School Athletic Association Young Men and Women of Color Conference

What a fantastic time in Connecticut with CAS/CASIAC (Connecticut Association of School).  Kids from several schools met December 14th at Sage Park Middle School to discuss leadership and explore their dreams by creating a plan of how they will attain them.  Special thanks to Karissa Niehoff, Jennifer Buckley, Principal Cavaliere, and Jennifer Wilson for allowing me […]

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College Or…?

For many students like myself.  Your parents have always told you “you are going to college!”  I heard this all my life.  Whether my grandmother (Grana) or my grandfather, I was always told “college was the plan/goal.”  My first week in college I had a rude awaking.  I realized that I focused so much on […]

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