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Chance of Playing NCAA Basketball Statistics

I am seriously concerned with the amount of misinformation being shared with kids and parents alike. If I walk into a gym and there are 100 kids playing basketball only 3.4% ( will ever play at a DI DII or DIII. So, I have two questions. 1. Does reclassifying my child for sports increase their chances? 2. Should I pay for private training and club sports, or should I balance sports and education?

My opinion: 1. Every four years there are 550,305 high school basketball players. So, every year I reclassify my child that number now grows an additional 137,576. Wow! So, instead of competing against 550k my child now has to fight against 687k. Think about it. 2. If I am paying for training to teach my child the value of working hard and pushing themselves, then practice has incredible value, but I have to make sure they are working just as hard in school. That means I must find ways to expand them academically beyond being on grade level. Can’t have my child playing up a grade level in AAU, but yet academically still on grade level?